About me

Front-End Developer, First-Gen Graduate, Fun Guy

Hi, My name is Ruben, I'm currently looking for a role as a junior developer, front-end developer.A recent graduate of UC Davis with a bachelors degree in Cognitive Science AB and a minor in Technology Management (Business); Interestingly, I applied to a scholarship offered by Udacity for a front-end program and recieved the scholarship. Ever since, I wanted to get a job in the tech field. It has helped me understand the layout of the front-end landscape, fundamentals, and the path to become a better developer.

Recently, I had a internship for a non-profit group that assigned me and a colleague to develop a website for a Homecare co-op; along with admin role of maintaining their other sites. We used GatsbyJS and plan to continue updating the site as we learn the framework. I do want advance my learning with this framework and sharpen my javascript.

Outside of coding, I do like to get stronger in the gym, games, and a lakers and boxing fan.